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The 195th College Student forum: Life is not only about starting a business, but also about poetry and distance

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Subject: Life is not only about starting a business, but also about poetry and distance

Time: 19: 30, Wednesday, November 7, 2018  

Location: Room 4222, Building 4

Guests: Wei Wei, Li Susheng and Cheng Sijin

Wei Wei, one of Angel Investor, who has translated hundreds of academic articles on angel investment in developed countries and created best-selling books such as " The Success Story of angels in America Investment" .

Li Susheng, a young writer, one of the top 30 young writers in Henan province. The collection of novels " Love Quietly in a Noisy World" was collected by the National Library, Capital Library and other libraries.

Cheng Sijin, a famous female poet. She is good at combining modern poetry with classical poetry perfectly and forming her own style. In April 2018, she published her first poetry collection " Cloud Painting".

College Student Forum Studio

Blue Island Literature Club

November 1, 2018


(Editor: 孙宇晴)

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