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1. Registration fee: 400 yuan/RMB

2.   Lodging Fees:   Single Dorm: RMB1000-1500/month

Shared Dorm: RMB500-800/month

3.   Diet fees, books and Medical expenses not included. According to statistics of foreign students, basic standards for such costs are as follows:

Medical insurance expenses: RMB600/year;

Health medical examinations: RMB360;

Residence Permit extension fee:RMB400/half year, RMB800/year

Teaching materials: RMB200-300 (beginner, Intermediate Chinese Course)

Living fees: RMB900-1200 / month)

Scholarship Policy

In 2014,examinationed and Approvaled by Ministry of Education, our school have the task of develop the Chinese government scholarship students , Obtain the status of take in the Chinese government scholarship overseas students .In henan province, it Is the fourth universities that Qualified overseas students scholarship.

You can get the up-to-date scholarship information by visiting or . You can also consult the Chinese Embassy (Consulate General) in your home country or designated Chinese universities for your interested information.

Tables Download:

      Application Form for International Students.doc

      Application for Henan Government Scholarship.doc


附件【Application Form for International Students.doc
附件【Application for Henan Government Scholarship.doc

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